Video Competition

Video Competition

Education Video Competition

If you wish to take part in the UR FORUM video competition then shoot a video and send it before Nov 15, 2024. It should be an educational video based on your research related to conference theme.

Deadline to apply: Nov 15, 2024

Video submission:

All the videos are displayed during the conference

Educational videos are so far one of the best ways for fast learning, easy understanding and self-improvement. UR FORUM recommends and appreciates the commitment and passion of all the people who deliver educational videos without professional help.

Take care while filling the submission form and check the terms and conditions page twice before submission. Have fun with your competition.

Competition rules:

  • The maximum length of the video should be 8 minutes, preferable not more than 6.
  • You can choose any topic concerning to conference tracks like experimental, results and conclusion.
  • Videos should be produced in twelve months prior to the 2021 UR FORUM.
  • Please take care of copyrights, never include products subjected to any specific regional brands.
  • Upload your video and mostly all the file formats are supported.

Selection Process:

  • Submitted videos are evaluated and reviewed by a jury appointed by the UR FORUM educational committee.
  • Videos will be evaluated and marked on a scale of 0 to 5 depending on the following criteria.

  • 1. Content (skills, techniques, illustration)
    2. Methodology (how it is done)
    3. Teaching abilities (how it is delivered)
    4. Video quality (image resolution and sound quality)

  • Maximum points allocated to a video should be 20
  • The jury selects 6 finalists prior to conference and notified by UR FORUM.
  • And the selected people should attend and present their videos in allotted sessions by UR FORUM 2021.
  • The jury and the audience who attends the session will vote for any three best videos of their choice after watching the presentation among the six finalists.
  • The UR FORUM members will assign first, second and third positions to all the finalists. The average will be taken for the final ranking.